Well, here it is. The big moment when I finally get an author blog up and running. It feels more like a realization and climax than what it really is. This blog is a beginning. A turn of the chapter. And every book I write and publish after this is a beginning. And a sequel. Another page in life.

Here you’ll see snippets from the writer’s desk, books in progress, upcoming releases (yay!), and the occasional review or tidbits for other writers. It is my hope that what you read here will inspire you. Not to mention excite you, and leave you full of amazing story. 

As I continue to knock the blog into shape, you might find fun little goodies like Twitter feeds, Pinterest links, coffee preferences (okay, maybe not), and RSS/email links in the side bars. Meanwhile, check out the “About the Author” and “The Books” pages above and tell me what you think. (Talking about myself in third-person on the author page was hard. Just sayin’.) 

Now that you’ve devoured both pages and gushed in the comments about how brilliant my bio and book synopses were, pour yourself a lovely cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy the last dregs of April while you turn the page to May.


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