Remember when I finished Cabernet and got all stoked to write another novel right away? Well, that didn’t happen. Turns out I’m not a superhuman who can keep up the “mountain top” writing experience  for two novels straight. And then I hit some health difficulties and had to step back from things that were draining too much of my reserves—intense story work included. And social life. And Just Dance games. And. . . .yeah. June was rough.

But, I am learning to soak up life in its restful state. I’m still having ideas. In fact, an entirely new novel materialized. So far it’s emerging as a high-class spy/intrigue story in a Regency-era-flavored world with magic. I’m rather excited, even though I won’t get a chance to work on it for awhile.

For most of July I’ll be up to my ears at the Proskuneo Worship Institute.  I’ve attended two previous years as a dance major, but thanks to the poor health stuff, this year is going to be vastly different. This year I’ll be working with a creativity mentor and doing some processing and freeform work. It’ll be weird going into a half-hour space and trying to come up with a project. I have no idea what will happen.

I’ve continued to hear back from first readers on The Luck Child/Cabernet (still positive), and I had a brilliant idea for making the villainess a little more evil whilst—and at the same time—tying it in with certain subtleties and nuances that are already in place so I feel like a genius. *does backflip and presents to judges* Who knows when I’ll have to work on it, though. I’ve also got the final round of edits on A Twist of Fae back from my editor, and I’ll be working away to get that ready for a release this Fall. I’m thinking October. It seems like a good, deep Autumn month for an urban fantasy popcorn read.

Speaking of, I should get a first-chapter excerpt up here. Meanwhile, here’s the Pinterest board I’ve been using to collect various inspiring images for the Surfaeillance series, along with a few that fit A Twist of Fae specifically.

Have a splendid Fourth of July.

Photo courtesy of Pexels.com