I’ve always known I have trouble compartmentalizing, but this fall has proven that point several times over. Some big things have come up (a friend got sick, it’s the anniversary of a death, I received a clear “no” on some classes I wanted to take, and I might be moving halfway across the country) and the thought-ripples cast by those events are really slowing down my creative side. I sit down to write and don’t feel steady. Words come, but in scattered bursts. It’s taking a lot more effort on my part during this season to focus in and stay connected to what I’m writing. In fact, these days  it’s easier to be ask people to read my books than to hole up writing. But I’m hanging in there. I had a chance to reflect for a bit, and realized that this ripple-filled season is still an opportunity. It just looks different than most other opportunities.

I choose to let this season be a little more rocky. Lots of things can grow from unsettledness and searching. I will aim to release my personal goals and perceptions of productivity in favor of nurturing my creative side and personal life. (You may have to remind me of that from time to time. )

For me, that process will hopefully look like this –

  • a gentle daily writing routine, on the project of my choice.
  • reading new books slowly and fully savoring them.
  • eating good food when I am hungry.
  • the occasional resting and praying time.

Think of it as gearing down for winter’s hibernation and possibility. A Twist of Fae is released. A Sea of Purple Ink is out for editing. There is room here to chill and turn some of the internal pressure off.   I have two works-in-progress I can tinker with, and a list of potential magazines to send short stories. I don’t think my soul will starve on silence and rest.

I’ll keep you posted.