Well, here we are in 2015. Setting all the Back to the Future jokes aside, I’m pretty excited about what this year might bring.

On the professional front: A Sea of Purple Ink is getting really close to publishing. The manuscript is almost finished with a full run of technical edits (to be followed by scattered story edits, and at least one more technical/story edit rotation) and the cover art is almost finished. I can hardly wait to share it with you.

The second Surfaeillance book is also coming along nicely, although it’s still out with the early test readers. (Yay, team!) The daring plan is to release it this Fall or Winter.

There are several other projects I have up my sleeve, but you’ll hear more about those as the year progresses, and as I start the editing or writing process over and over again.

On the personal front: I had high hopes of moving to Colorado this year, and it looks like that isn’t going to happen. I’m okay with that, especially if I at least get to visit it once or twice, but it’s hard to try to re-find “normal” after being all ready to pull up stakes.

At this point, the biggest “adjustment” I can foresee this year is getting braces. Yes, I know I’m a little old for them, but I have this one lovely canine tooth that seems to be an overachiever (I’ve already had one small child worry that I might be a vampire) and is attempting to escape. So when an opportunity came up to try out a new technique, I decided to take the plunge. We’ll see what happens.

I chose to not set any specific ‘writing resolutions’ this year, but there are a few things I’m paying extra attention to. For instance, I am attempting to write a novel this January. Or at least a healthy chunk of it.  You’ll hear more about that later, but for now, here’s the obligatory inspirational Pinboard. I also laid plans for editing another novel or two and getting them on the road to publication, and I may have planned out a new series late in December. Don’t say anything about it for awhile. I’m trying to let it rest until later this year.

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