Spring is finally poking its head around the corner, and I am more than a little thrilled. Life is picking up its pace to my favorite hustle-almost-sprint speed. Now you get to watch and laugh while I spend the next couple months dashing around trying new things and getting more and more excited over projects.

In the last couple weeks I’ve taken up ballroom dance, ordered materials to try making bobbin lace, and solidified a desire to study world history.  And then next month.  .  .  .

April Camp NaNo is a definite plan on the horizon now. I decided to pull out a story I’ve been mulling over since last August. It has a slightly more gothic feel, and may wind up either Victorian-ish or Regency-ish, with a definite magical bent. At the moment the vibe I’m getting is almost a ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’ meets ‘The Highway Man poem’ meets ‘Beauty and the Beast’. With illusionists and plots and lots of little hidden secrets. I’m rather looking forward to it. Still needs a working title, though.

I’m in the final round of editing for A Sea of Purple Ink. There’s the whole rest of March between now and Camp NaNo, so there shouldn’t be much writing conflict there. (Famous last words.)

Oh! And if you haven’t had a chance to read A Twist of Fae yet, it’s on sale for a few days. You can check it out over here. Its sequel The Mirror Knife is currently out with my fabulous beta readers, and I should be able to start the publishing process this summer with a fall release date. Only maybe not October again. I don’t think I can wait that long.