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4 Things to Do While Waiting. . .

. . . for inspiration. Or a novel to finally be ready to release. Or the nerve to get back in and start writing again.

  1. Refuel. Appreciate good art, mediocre art, or laugh at the weird art. Read books. Watch movies. Anything that helps feed your artistic side and remind you that what you’re doing is worthwhile. (And sometimes funny.)
  2. Whine. Pretty soon you realize how pathetic you sound and you silently get back to work. Plus, whining can uncover some latent mental patterns that might be destructive to your craft.
  3. Daydream. This is different from refueling. This is giving yourself permission to play with ideas that involve no commitment and have zero standards to maintain. So do it. Fan-fic those favorite movies.
  4. Go Places. Avoid the creative depression that keeps you curled up with YouTube or Facebook for hours. We both know it doesn’t help much. Get up and go places. People watch. Say “Hi!” to someone if you’re feeling brave. Interact with the world – it’s what you’re trying to enrich by your work.

Or, alternately, throw the list out the window and go visit a friend in Florida. That’s what I’m doing. Granted, I’m taking my various projects with me, but it’ll be a change of scenery and oodles of low pressure.

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  1. Love it – and just what I needed as I finish up editing and feel discouraged! Thanks!

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