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Camp NaNo Vlog: Episode 5 and Finale

Hello, everyone. I thought I’d drop in with an update on the Camp NaNo adventure. The last week of Camp was crazy, and after April 30th ended I had a temporary break up with my novel. The break up lasted about three days.

Then I spent another day sort of edging around my novel and daring it to say anything. Then (after I read several books and watched some fun movies) I felt recharged enough to dive back in. Here is the final Vlog for Camp NaNo this year with a little wrap up.

The goal now is to write roughly 1,000 words a day for the rest of this month. It’s a relatively easy goal for me if I can stick with it. (Who knew this story would call for so much sitting, ruminating, and soul angst?)  And hopefully while I’m doing that I can also keep half an eye on the final round of edits for Mirror Knife.

A Sea of Purple Ink is with the proofer right now. (Massive cheering.) It’s looking like a late May or early June release, with Mirror Knife hard on its tail. I’m super excited.


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  1. Hooray! Good work, Rebekah!

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