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Life, and the Occasional Octopus

Life has blown past me this month. Let’s stop for a quick breather and some catch-up time.

I spent the last three weeks at the Proskuneo Worship Institute, studying voice (singing), other cultures, and theology with a really varied mix of people. It was a very fun-yet-deep experience. (Here’s a bit I wrote about last year’s PWI, and my majoring in art.) Probably the biggest shocker this year was that somehow someway, the one day I brought I my laptop with me, it got stolen during one of the open-to-the-public worship nights.

There were a dicey couple of days when we still didn’t know whether my stolen computer had actually backed up to Time Machine or not. Picture it – two or three days of not knowing whether all the story ideas you’ve worked on in the last four years were still in existence. It was nerve-wracking. But when I finally bought a new laptop we loaded in the backup file and discovered that it was from the day before the computer was stolen. (Collective sigh of relief there.)

And now I have the perfect opportunity to pick out a new vinyl decal for the back of the computer. I’m debating between birds and (are you ready for this?) something involving octopuses. I’m on a bit of an octopus kick after reading Sy Montgomery’s The Soul of an Octopus right before going into PWI. It was a fascinating book.

In fact, here’s a painting I did at PWI a couple days after the laptop was stolen. At the time I thought I was painting a snail, but pretty much everyone who has looked at it since then has pointed out the massive octopus. (See the little eye stalks in the lower right hand corner? Totally a snail. But, then again, I like octopuses, so maybe it’s an octopus snail?)

Photo on 7-20-15 at 5.40 PM


Now that PWI is over and I have a laptop again, I’m plunging headlong into a second round of Camp NaNo. I signed up to add 15k words to Manor Magic this month. I’m at about 5k, and you all know what day it is, so I’ll let you figure out how many days I have left.

The toughest part is that the story is heading into the final sections, so I have to juggle wrapping up all the emotional tension while throwing in a few surprise twists. “First draft” is my mantra at the moment. Right along with “decaf peppermint latte over ice”, or sometimes “dutch chocolate mocha with a shot of raspberry”.

In more official news, The Mirror Knife is in its final stages and should go in for formatting in August.



  1. Isn’t it “octopi”? 😀

    I want to hear you sing!! Do you ever record yourself? Can we share stuff back and forth? *eager little jump*

    • Rebekah

      July 25, 2015 at 7:54 am

      I always thought it was “octopi”, too, but the book I read explained that while “octopus” is a Greek word, the “i” ending is Latin, so if you want to be snobby and technical, it’s octopuses. Weird, huh?

      I’m not yet at the recording stage, but who knows? Maybe farther down the road.

      • Wow! You really *are* an octopus nerd then! 😀

        I could send you some of my singing. 🙂 I was a voice teacher for about five years, and took lessons for three years, previous to that, myself. 🙂

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