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Realm Makers Conference

Tomorrow I embark on a new great adventure. A two-and-a-half day conference in St. Louis that, by all accounts, is a miraculous combination of geekery, teaching, and like-minded networking. I’m rather excited. I’m also ridiculously nervous.

It’s my first time at this writer’s conference, okay? It’s only natural to feel nervous. I will know one other person there, so that’ll be nice. (Linda Burklin. I’ve had the privilege of reading some of this woman’s works and let me tell you, you’re in for a treat when they’re released. African flavored fantasy, y’all. And gorgeous science fiction. Meanwhile check out her memoirs of growing up at a missionary boarding school in Zambia.)

In other news, I’m within spitting distance of finishing Manor Magic’s first draft and have almost hit 85k words in the manuscript. Whoohoo! Now I need a better working title.

What’s next, you ask? At the moment my schedule is full of the writer’s conference, then a mountain house retreat, and then I should get a couple weeks to sit down and get my projects in order and finalized. (And then hit the beach! Did I mention I love August this year?) At the moment it looks like my next draft work will be writing the third Surfaeillance, while on the editing side I’ll get the second Surfaeillance ready to release and start polishing the full length novel I wrote last year called The Luck Child.

There may also be some other story ideas floating around in the works. (Who am I kidding? There are always other story ideas floating around.) The trick is deciding which ones to write when.

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