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Poem: Dark Dreams


Dark Dreams 

Two crows in the morning,
a rabbit’s wrinkled foot at noon.
What will it take before I awake
from this enchantment, and
lay beneath the swirling grey?

To drop down for air and
rest, feeling the kiss
of the earth and warm,
embracing roots. To watch
the fears roll by and calmly whisper,
“that one looks like an elephant.”

From here, I will send up a kite
of hopes and watch the wind
race and scream, but feel nothing
besides a gentle thrumming in the string.

*by Rebekah Shafer

I was wracking my brain for something fun to share with you all while I keep working on release details, and it suddenly dawned on me that I just happen to have an October-ish poem.  Tre bien! (“Oh, Tish, when you speak French it drives me wild!”‘)

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