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Night and Day


Before you ask, no, this is not my current location. (I wish.) But I’m in an Italian mood, thanks to starting in on a new novel project that has a definite Italy-meets-Spain sort of vibe. It’s not developed enough for me to share a synopsis, but I’m very excited over the direction it’s taking and the simple fact that I’m writing again.

I’m writing again, world! Let that sink in. Then pass the sparkling pear juice and launch the fireworks. It’s been a long month and a half in the writer’s block abyss.

I’ve also been working on Surfaeillance 3 (and maybe planning 4, 5, and 6. . . ) and implementing some Luck Child edits. My “must write” drive isn’t running out, no matter how much I try to do these days. Maybe the time off really did some good.

The new story is loosely inspired by an old fairy tale I read (once upon a time, a very long while ago. . . ) that focused on the stories of a young girl and young boy stolen by a witch. She raised the girl in the dark and taught her to fear the light, and raised the boy to live in the day and fear the night. Then many years later the now-grown boy’s horse falls and injures itself, and leaves him trapped in the dark. . . until he meets the girl. 

It was a charming story, but what stuck out at me the most was the separation of night and day. Over time that developed into a story world where one culture is constantly in the day, and the other is constantly in the night, with a twilight sea between. What would happen if a tempestuous girl from Day chases after  her kidnapped sister all the way to Night, and instead finds a prince trapped in dark politics and slipping into the clutches of a seriously scary lady?

If you’re wondering—I have an idea of what happens, but I’m not positive.  That’s what early drafts are for, exploring the story and determining its potential!

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  1. Sounds fascinating! I want to read it!

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