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A Sneak Peek at Surfaeillance 3


As you may have noticed by now, Surfaeillance 3 has not been the most cooperative of its fellows. It’s been through alteration after alteration, some big, some small. . . at this point I think I’m working on something like version #4. But I’m happy to announce that the story is finally sticking.

One of the biggest challenges in this particular installment has been getting Burgundy to navigate the weirdness that is “beginning a friendship” with her coworker Myron. It doesn’t help that Burgundy has almost no social skills, and Myron tends to withdraw rather than express. Somedays I find myself in the corner with the pixie making sarcastic comments and trying to figure out how to make them talk to each other.

Another thing that’s interesting to navigate is that this particular story is set during the winter. Fairy magic actually mixes quite beautifully with snow, but this author stopped living in a snowy area at the age of ten, so it’s been awhile. Good thing for winter visits to Colorado, eh?

A few new characters are joining the cast in this “episode,” and at least three of them will have large roles to play as the series continues.

One thing I have not yet gotten to really explore is the nitty-gritty basics of how fairykind manages to function side by side with humans in the Surfaeillance context. So far Burgundy’s stories have kept her dealing with the radical element, so here’s hoping I might get a chance to bring in a well-behaved side of faerykind later. But I did discover that there is actually a faery law firm whose specialty is getting all up in the agents’ business. Buttons, Beans, and Sloyd is not to be trifled with. Unless you’re Burgundy Graves.

And as one final detail, I am happy to announce that Burgundy is returning to Faery in this installment. This time involves an escape, a good bit of pressure (and Myron!) and a decided lack of an invitation from Faery itself. Let’s just say that so far Faery hasn’t killed Burgundy, but she’s beginning to doubt her chances.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading what you have up until now, and I’m rooting for Myron to pursue *her*, since it probably won’t happen on her end by herself without help. Hahaha!

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