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To The Void and Back Again

It would make sense to begin this post with some sort of acknowledgement of how much time has passed. Perhaps with an added apology for the lack of posts and updates, and a quip or two about how life rushes past – haha – and sometimes things just get away from us.

But the truth, in this case, is that I burned out on blogging. Big time. I baptized my beginning authorhood in the waters of “How To Be a Good Author” with the now very dated rules of “get a blog, blog all the time, join all the social media platforms whether you like them or not, keep blogging, make people sign up for a newsletter, blog more, then write newsletters summarizing what you were blogging” and honestly the grind of coming up with new things to blog about just killed it. Too much. It had to go.

So now, with a lovely little rental house painted blue on the inside, a tiny garden holding one tomato plant, and two grey cats who think treats should be much more than 10% of their diet, I find myself wanting to come back and I’m not terribly sure how to resume. So I will say those words that come hard. – Shall we try this again?

I had to set writing aside for two years because the words wouldn’t come. And now they are coming but they’ve forgotten their manners and sort of stream out in a wild chaos with a mad sprinkling of broken punctuation rules. I am trying this again, because, in the words of old Tootles in Spielberg’s Hook, I’ve forgotten how to fly. And I know that I can’t learn how to do this again if I don’t start and face the discoveries and the mistakes and raw infuriating newness of what used to be familiar.

Have you ever had to start something over that you used to know so well? If so, I wish you’d tell me about it so we can commiserate. Life is hard enough without pretending you aren’t struggling. I want to remember how to fly. It just might involve a few hundred falls to get there. And I’m going to believe it’s worth the effort, because I still dream about flying. About the words pouring out onto the page and the worlds created and the characters coming to life. It’s a voyage of discovery. And I’m willing to struggle at least once more.


  1. Yes. <3 I've had big chunks of "off" time for writing – years at a time as well. Starting a family, pregnancies, etc. But I always come back and feel I've improved by just living and reading. <3

  2. Hi Rebekah!
    I’m very glad to hear the words are starting to come back. I’ve had the hardship of not being able to write for a while, but not for 2 years!
    So, know that, even if blog posts are sporadic, I cheer you on to keep trying to fly!

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