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Camp NaNo Vlog: Episode 5 and Finale

Hello, everyone. I thought I’d drop in with an update on the Camp NaNo adventure. The last week of Camp was crazy, and after April 30th ended I had a temporary break up with my novel. The break up lasted about three days.

Then I spent another day sort of edging around my novel and daring it to say anything. Then (after I read several books and watched some fun movies) I felt recharged enough to dive back in. Here is the final Vlog for Camp NaNo this year with a little wrap up.

The goal now is to write roughly 1,000 words a day for the rest of this month. It’s a relatively easy goal for me if I can stick with it. (Who knew this story would call for so much sitting, ruminating, and soul angst?)  And hopefully while I’m doing that I can also keep half an eye on the final round of edits for Mirror Knife.

A Sea of Purple Ink is with the proofer right now. (Massive cheering.) It’s looking like a late May or early June release, with Mirror Knife hard on its tail. I’m super excited.


Camp NaNo Vlog: Episode 4

And now, after a couple days of absolutely terrible writing, we’re back in business.


Camp NaNo Vlog: Episode 3

A third peek into the process of Camp NaNo 2015. Let me tell you, it’s been a tough writing week.

Camp NaNo Vlog: Episode 2

Here’s the second update. For an added bonus, here are some of the tracks I’ve been listening to while writing.

Moonlight” by The Piano Guys.  (And, I’ll admit, a certain amount of Michael Meets Mozart. I can’t help it. I need dance music for writing sometimes.)

Would You Date Me?” from the X-men First Class soundtrack.

And a pretty fair smattering of tracks from Hook and Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. “Remembering Childhood” and “Granny Wendy” are right up there. Along with the prologue, of course, because how can you not listen to that prologue?



Camp NaNo Vlog: Episode 1

Last year during Camp NaNo (while drafting The Luck Child) I discovered that I have a terrible time talking about novels-in-progress via text. It just gets complicated trying to take an interesting idea and type about it before it’s materialized within the story. So, this year I’m trying something a little different. Enjoy!

If you’d like to see the Pinterest board of inspiration, it’s over here.

If you’d rather find me on Camp NaNo’s website and make sure I keep up with my daily word count, my username is ElderFern.

 Here’s the official write-up version of what this story will be about –

Isabelle Wright’s family is on the brink of disaster, and nothing can bandage the wound. In desperation, Isabelle takes the first job offered to her and agrees to pose as the wife of mysterious Lord Nole Carrera—only to discover that Nole isn’t really after a wife, but an assistant. Caught up in his one-man quest to right magical wrongs, Isabelle discovers a new world beneath the veneer of the upper class and a lifestyle where dangerous magic bleeds through the very walls.

Between Nole’s skills as a master of illusions and Isabelle’s ability to sense when magic is being used, the two hone themselves into a beautifully dangerous pair, until Isabelle gets a glimpse of Nole’s bigger plan. A plan that might call for a greater sacrifice than she is able to make. Caught between the desire to help her family and her growing love for Nole, Isabelle finds her new life trembling on the edge of beautiful illusion and stark reality.

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