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Behind the Scenes and Sales

Ring out, wild bells! Surfaeillance Book 2 The Mirror Knife is finally released and on its way to readers. To celebrate the occasion, I put together some fun things to tell you about the story. Here are some teasers you won’t see in the official descriptions.


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Mirror Knife Release

And now, the big announcement! The Mirror Knife is officially released and ready for pre-order. The copies will hit your Kindles on December 16th.

But, to celebrate the occasion, if you sign up for Lantern Leaf Press’ “News and Notifications” emails, you will receive a link to a free download of the book. That’s right, free and early if you sign up for the occasional email. (You can find that sign-up form page in the top bar.)


But wait, there’s more! A Twist of Fae got a little jealous of The Mirror Knife’s new cover, so we gave it a new look to match. And dropped the price to .99! If you haven’t read the first book in the Surfaeillance series yet, now is your chance. You can nab it from Amazon over here.  Happy reading!




A Rambling Fall

If I was asked to sum up my autumn in one word, that word would be “travel.” I might also throw in “exciting,” “exhausting,” and “Nebraska could at least have different colors of cows.” Writing had to take a bit of a back seat.

After various family members visited during October, I helped my good friend Kendra pack up her stuff and move back to Colorado in preparation for her new adventures. And by “helped” I mean I sat around talking while she packed, and then helplessly rode shotgun in her manual-transmission car while lobbying for expensive lunch breaks. And yes, we had lots of fun. We took a circuitous route to see various friends and family members, and we got to stop at the Missouri Botanical Garden!

There was a whole lot less in bloom in late October than there was when Taylor and I visited in August, and it was a lot more chilly, but we survived. We also discovered two sections of the garden I’d missed before. A large Japanese section, and a smaller one that we think was Turkish, possibly Ottoman. . . . But there was this fabulous enormous chair, and we took turns trying to fill it up with personality. (No small feat on a cold day!)  I think I won.


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Poem: Dark Dreams


Dark Dreams 

Two crows in the morning,
a rabbit’s wrinkled foot at noon.
What will it take before I awake
from this enchantment, and
lay beneath the swirling grey?

To drop down for air and
rest, feeling the kiss
of the earth and warm,
embracing roots. To watch
the fears roll by and calmly whisper,
“that one looks like an elephant.”

From here, I will send up a kite
of hopes and watch the wind
race and scream, but feel nothing
besides a gentle thrumming in the string.

*by Rebekah Shafer

I was wracking my brain for something fun to share with you all while I keep working on release details, and it suddenly dawned on me that I just happen to have an October-ish poem.  Tre bien! (“Oh, Tish, when you speak French it drives me wild!”‘)

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September Review


Despite my blog silence, I’ve actually been getting quite a bit done this month. It’s just all been mixed up with relatives visiting, a friend packing up to move away, and my annual bout of panicking author. So instead of an in-depth series reviewing the month, here’s a quick look at September’s shenanigans with a few poignant moments to spice things up. (It is Fall, after all, and the spice trend is all over the place.)

First off, the fun stuff. I started the rough draft for Surfaeillance 3. The third episode is going to have a bit of an aquatic theme, so what better place to start it than while I was on vacation at Mexico Beach? I even pulled an almost 6k word day in the car on the ride home. As of right now I can tell you that there will be psychotic mermaids, new agents, a hydrokinetic wild card, and a seriously disturbed villain.

But, you might ask, what about Surfaeillance 2? Well, The Mirror Knife is getting its final edits and formatting changes this week, and I started negotiations on the cover design yesterday. And “negotiations” is the definitely the right word. Every time I tackle a cover I feel like I’m in the middle of a hostage transfer with Creativity. Yesterday that meant being willing to stand in a moldy shower stall (toes in cold water) and press my hand against the glass for a series of reference/idea bouncing photos.

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