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Mad as a March Hare

Greetings, friends! A (hopefully) mild case of writer burnout has left me without a whole lot of authoring material to share, so I’m going to take a tiny break from author-the-thing-I-do and instead talk about other facets of author-the-person. Supposedly, engaging with other areas of life is one of the best things for burnout. And as long as I don’t spiral out of control on a panicked binge to fix the burnout ASAP, I should be fine.

Shall we begin?

This year I’ve decided participate in a reading challenge. Normally I don’t have trouble reading a hefty amount of books in a year, but the specially tailored challenges over at Modern Mrs. Darcy caught my attention as an interesting stretch goal. Let’s take a look at the twelve “to read” challenges, shall we?

  1. a book published this year

Shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve already got In the Labyrinth of Drakes on my want-to-read list, and The Girl From Everywhere on my library book shelf right now. I could totally count Sanderson’s Calamity if I were counting books I’ve already read this year, but I’m not. Tough.

2. a book you can finish in a day

Honestly, that one is not going to be too terribly hard. I’m rather fond of the “novel in an afternoon” technique. It’s an old habit formed by panicked reading to make up my total for the Pizza Hut middle school summer reading programs. Meet your goal – get a free personal pizza. Those were the days.

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A Rambling Fall

If I was asked to sum up my autumn in one word, that word would be “travel.” I might also throw in “exciting,” “exhausting,” and “Nebraska could at least have different colors of cows.” Writing had to take a bit of a back seat.

After various family members visited during October, I helped my good friend Kendra pack up her stuff and move back to Colorado in preparation for her new adventures. And by “helped” I mean I sat around talking while she packed, and then helplessly rode shotgun in her manual-transmission car while lobbying for expensive lunch breaks. And yes, we had lots of fun. We took a circuitous route to see various friends and family members, and we got to stop at the Missouri Botanical Garden!

There was a whole lot less in bloom in late October than there was when Taylor and I visited in August, and it was a lot more chilly, but we survived. We also discovered two sections of the garden I’d missed before. A large Japanese section, and a smaller one that we think was Turkish, possibly Ottoman. . . . But there was this fabulous enormous chair, and we took turns trying to fill it up with personality. (No small feat on a cold day!)  I think I won.


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