So, I kinda spent October on the emotional roller-coaster known as “becoming a published author. ” Almost every event built toward hitting that magic release button. And then, when the moment came, it involved a bottle of fizzy grape juice, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and a lot of happy-dancing around the kitchen.

Immediately afterward I ran the full gamut of emotions. Sort of an “I rock!” and “I need to write more. . . now.” to “What if the next book doesn’t come out for a long time?” and then “What if I’m no good and nobody reads it and even if they do they don’t like it?” And then we threw in some “What am I even doing with my life?” for good measure. Fortunately the ripples have now subsided. At least the big ones have. Now I wait more or less rationally for reviews to start showing up, and try to control the strong urge to spend every waking moment writing like mad.  Continue reading