Have you ever had an entire month blur past you in a sort of peanut-buttery-haze, and suddenly leave you in an airport (waiting for Air Force One to take off so your plane can depart) thinking, “My word, it’s almost August.”?

Well, maybe the particulars were different for you, but this sort of slippage seems to be becoming more and more common the older I get. In the interest of sharing, I will attempt to fill you in on some of the fun particulars.

July was, as I suspected, completely full of Proskuneo Worship Institute, during which I laughed, cried, discovered a heightened sensitivity to mold, tried skateboarding, journaled obsessively, demonstrated hip hop moves, helped feed a small army, and created a sculpture that still needs some shareable glamor shots. I also took part in an a capella class, practiced my Korean, and went out for frozen yogurt almost as often as I wanted to. Most of that happened around all the great teaching times and workshops, of course. I finished at PWI the last week in July, but the dust didn’t get much chance to settle. Two days later I packed up and zoomed to the airport for visits in Kansas City, Casper(ish), Colorado Springs, and Denver.  Continue reading