Surfaeillance 3 —

Third in the urban fantasy series “Surfaeillance.” Burgundy Graves is back with Myron in tow and tangling with faery hounds, a chilling winter Lady, attacks on Surfaeillance, and a handsome fairy who seems determined to land Burgundy in a watery grave.

Current status: First draft in progress.


The Luck Child — 

A nautical-flavored fairytale about Cabernet, a boy who has only ever had one real problem. No one remembers him. Read an excerpt here

Current status: Second draft finished, off for an editorial review. 


Manor Magic —

Isabelle Wright’s family is on the brink of disaster, and nothing can bandage the wound. In desperation, Isabelle takes the first job offered to her and agrees to pose as the wife of mysterious Lord Nole Carrera—only to discover that Nole isn’t really after a wife, but an assistant. Caught up in his one-man quest to right magical wrongs, Isabelle discovers a new world beneath the veneer of the upper class and a lifestyle where dangerous magic bleeds through the very walls.

Between Nole’s skills as a master of illusions and Isabelle’s ability to sense when magic is being used, the two hone themselves into a beautifully dangerous pair, until Isabelle gets a glimpse of Nole’s bigger plan. A plan that might call for a greater sacrifice than she is able to make. Caught between the desire to help her family and her growing love for Nole, Isabelle finds her new life trembling on the edge of beautiful illusion and stark reality.

Current status: Completed first draft.