I’ll give you three guesses as to where I spent the last week. Here, maybe this will help.

(Special thanks to one of my sisters who actually, like, takes a camera along on vacations and such. Can you imagine?) Let’s hear it for Mexico Beach!

The rest and play time was fun, even though I’m one of those weird people who feel more rested if they stay in the condo than if they go sit on the beach. Something about the waves. Even when I’m lolling in a beach chair I feel like I have to actively stay put on the sand or I’ll get carried out and away. Anyone else have that?

In between watching Korean drama episodes, cooking, and rereading old favorites, I started working on that Persian/Arabian Nights story I’ve had brewing for awhile. It’s continuing to put me through my paces (I think I wrote four different beginnings before finally settling into a groove) but I think the project is moving forward. At least it now has its own Pinterest board. With me, that’s usually a good sign. We won’t discuss how many potential working titles I tried and abandoned.

The final day of vacation, my family rented a small speed(ish) boat and spent a lovely morning zooming around on the bay. I got beautifully sunburned (on one shoulder only) and got to see a few dolphins, including one bold fellow who decided to swim under our boat. I’m not going to lie, that was a little terrifying. But I did eventually work up the nerve to dangle my toes a bit when the boat was stopped. We saw a couple floating jellyfish, and a sea turtle with a bizarrely shaped shell. (He looked like he was trying to wear a classic sombrero. Really.) Random butterflies kept showing up, too. All in all, a nice trip.

Now that I’m back I’m attempting to duck the weird bouts of vertigo I keep having. (I think being out on the water for so long did something to me.) But yesterday I had a story idea leap up and grab my attention, rather the way The Luck Child shanghaied my writing plans this spring. I don’t have the story developed enough to really talk about it, but its snazzy Pinterest board is over here. I’m going to keep playing with the story and see if it gels. If it does, it will probably become a NaNoWriMo, or my winter writing project.

My current plan for Surfaeillance: A Twist of Fae  is to have a cover ready to show you in the next couple weeks, so keep me on task. The document is out for the very very last round of edits, and I’m getting ready to have it formatted and set up for an October release. Any thoughts on the date? I’m thinking October 21st.