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A Restful December


News flash: Christmas trees are really hard to photograph. I take off my hat to all the intrepid photographers who are actually able to capture all that glittering, light-filled grandeur.

So, after a rather feeble battle with a gorgeous, six-foot, light bedazzled chunk of greenery, I decided I’d just show you one of my favorite ornaments. This is a tiny castle our family was given after participating in a kid’s version of King Wenceslas. The level of detail in that little metal castle always makes me excited. Not to mention there’s a tiny hole in the floor so you can put a bulb from the Christmas lights up inside the ornament.

The Mirror Knife is first draft finished (cheering from the crowd) and sent off to four intrepid test readers. Supposedly they’ll be able to get back to me with feedback over the next month, then I’ll take their notes and start to work editing.

I’m still working with the fabulous artist for A Sea of Purple Ink‘s cover. I got four very shiny full-color versions a few days ago, and I’m telling you, this piece is so gorgeous I might need a poster of it. The only less-than-shiny piece of the process is that I’m still not sure whether to change the book’s title, and if so, to what.

Since I got The Mirror Knife sent out, I decided to take December off of writing, and I’m very glad I made that call. The absence of writing has created some beautiful extra space for resting and being with family. Also, I’ve been able to make some adorable fake sheep for a “living” nativity. Oh, you want to see? Okay, fine. Here are the little low-budget low-lighting “impressions of semi-Disneyfied sheep”. And me, of course.

Photo on 12-12-14 at 2.13 PM #2

What are you doing this holiday season?


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  1. Nice sheep! Congrats on finishing The Mirror Knife! Enjoy the writing break!

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