December is here! It seriously snuck up on me, but at least I had time to get a live tree pre-ordered, stash some extra strands of twinkle lights, and sign up to do the costumes and props for a living nativity. Did I mention I’m one of the “tinsel holly with the twinkle lights” crowd? Well, I am. Unashamedly.

My grand plans to rest during November worked out rather well (despite a few small areas of schedule congestion) and I think the experiment did me good. I feel much more energized at the start of this month than last month.

I didn’t get to do the “Black Friday with friends” thing, but  A Twist of Fae is on sale as a part Cyber Monday, part December treat. It’ll hover at .99 for another day or so, and then jump to 1.99 for a few more days before reverting to its previous cost. Grab it while it’s hot.

Its sequel The Mirror Knife is giving me lots of grief. Ironically, I think the problem is that I didn’t let anyone read the first draft. (You’d think that would be a good thing!) As is, I’m on my third round of alterations to the original story and I still haven’t gotten any outside feedback. This will change as soon as I finishing writing the expanded climax. {Sneak Peek!}

The pixie’s back (with a bit of a crush on Burgundy’s current client), an earth-based Fae Mafia is throwing its weight around, and Burgundy is caught in the middle of a fairy clan war. That’s not counting the creepy shadow fairy who can hide in reflections, the banshees, or the spider dude, but I digress. . . .

In other news, I’ve begun the cover art process for A Sea of Purple Ink, and the initial sketches are looking fabulous. I hope to share some more with you once the design gets a little more refined. Right now it’s lots of me oohing and ahhing and trying to make high-impact decisions.

Beyond the world of writing, I’m trying to figure out how many Christmas movies I can watch and remain sane. And devising an ingenious little plan for getting Christmas lights on the outside of the house for the first time in eons. (The plan? I put them up myself, of course! What else did you expect?)

Oh! And I got to see a one-man performance of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” at the Aurora Theater. It’d been years since I’d seen that particular show, and the revisit was well worth the admission. I particularly liked how the actor took time to come out beforehand and greet/connect/talk with those of us in the small audience. There were probably only eighty or so of us watching, but he made sure we knew he could see us, and that he wanted us to enjoy ourselves.  I’m still trying to figure out how to do that as a writer.