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I can hardly believe we’re only fourteen days into the new year. A lot has happened over the last couple weeks.

My binge reading continues, thanks to a massive pile of books I accumulated in the excitement of “a new year, a new reading list.” So far I’ve read nine books and only dropped one or two. You can keep up with the books I did finish reading on my GoodReads “in 2015” list. At the moment it’s an interesting mix of children’s books, adult political fantasy, and popular stories I never got around to reading until now. Trust me, the list will be updated often.

Tuesday afternoon I took a trip to the local park and posed for a bunch of new author photos. The sky was clouded over, and the rain never got past the chilly mist phase, so the photographer (one of my talented sisters) managed to get some pretty cool shots. Highlights from the trip include the absence of snakes, getting to talk about The Winter Soldier, watching a random highschool student appear out of nowhere and sprint through the park with their trendy pink backpack, and trying not to laugh while the photographer balanced on a wall top in an effort to capture an over-both-our-heads shot. Photographers are an amazingly brave bunch of people.

I mentioned at the beginning of the year that I was working on a new writing project called The Smoke Man. Sadly, that project has been retired yet again due to a variety of factors. The biggest of those being that I finally found a project that was beyond my current author superpowers. Honestly I was rather shocked when I discovered that this seemingly simple story was out of reach, but on the flip side, it’s rather nice to have something to shoot for farther down the road. I need more practice writing that type of character and that type of story, and I fully intend to work my way back up The Smoke Man over the next few years.  Now I just need to stop picturing Support Your Local Sheriff“Doesn’t that sound a little cowardly to you?” “No, I told you, I think it sounds mature.” 

In lieu of working on that particular story, I’ve switched over to focusing on A Sea of Purple Ink edits. They’re progressing at a really nice pace, and I’ve already caught a couple issues that (with a few tweaks) are now working beautifully. I hope to do a cover reveal by the end of the month.




  1. Cheers to authorial focus, and well done on the reading pace. I always target one book a week and have only ever made it to that once.

    • Also, thumbs up to any Support Your Local Sheriff reference.

      “Oh, I’ll remember it, Joe. That’s about all I’m gonna do the rest of my life is go around rememberin’ your name.”

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