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February Doldrums

You may have heard that February is a particularly crippling month for creative types. (And not just because of Valentine’s day backlash.) Situated as it is at the end of a long winter, February can oftentimes affect even the perkiest person with a sudden wave of “Winter is never going to end.” In certain cases this can lead to an influx of SAD, or other unpleasantries.

I knew February was coming, and I had a hunch that there was a strong chance of acquiring unnecessary emotional junk, so I concocted a plan. It was a cunning and beautiful plan. I decided I would spend February excitedly readying Sea of Purple Ink for release, and also go on a lovely trip with friends out West. Let’s look at the highs and lows, shall we?

High: The trip out West. I had a lovely rest/work vacation with four whole days to focus on some big overhauls to Sea of Purple Ink. Low: I’m now caught in the inevitable mini-maelstrum that proceeds publishing. The cabin-fevered nightmare of “this story is never ever ever going to be finished and out the door!” Nobody panic. We’re highly trained amateurs.  

Here’s me, surrounded by notes and trying to make my brain think logically while it’s snowing outside. Oh, the headphones? Yes, well, music was necessary to enhance the. . . the. . . aesthetic properties of logic.  Remind me next novel to write a character who operates more off of how they feel than what they know. 
Photo on 2-15-15 at 1.58 PM #2

Another High: after a serious overhaul that affected the last two thirds of the entire novel, Sea of Purple Ink is once more off to the editor for what will hopefully be the last round of edits. And Mirror Knife got line-checked and sent off to four lucky and highly trusted beta readers.

The ensuing Low: Well, it’s still February, and all my current projects are out of house, leaving me with zip. Unless I get really daring and pull out a third project, and then, of course, the others will come back ready for a few last changes and I’ll be caught with my head in another story.  Not a wise idea.

But, let’s stop weighing the good against the bad and get back to the trip. This particular “vacation” included ballet (not mine, of course), frozen yogurt with raspberries, an airport with rocking chairs (Charlotte, NC, if anyone is wondering), lots of Sherman’s Lagoon comics, Kpop, some episodes of “Heartland”  and “Jeeves and Wooster”, a healthy dose of old movies (That Darn Cat, and Yours, Mine, and Ours), and a spontaneous discussion about pre-trib/mid trib/post trib, with a side tangent into predestination. Variety is the spice of life.

Looking ahead I can see glimmers of hope that Sea of Purple Ink will be finished soon and ready for formatting. I’m also turning an eager eye toward April and plans for Camp NaNo this year. As much as I’d like to get another one of my “on reserve” novels edited and ready to release, it’s time to write something new. I just have to decide what. Current top choices are the third Surfaeillance novella, and either a renaissance/magic/dealing with the criminal underworld sort of novel, or something set in the oriental-flavored fantasy world I’ve been designing for years. Whatever happens, don’t let me try to do all three months of Camp NaNo. . . as tempting as that sounds.

(Here is the view from outside the gorgeous big windows while I was trying to edit. They get snow out West! How weird is that?)

Photo on 2-15-15 at 1.57 PM


  1. You are so cute!
    I have to have music while writing too. Must! 🙂
    So what’s your stance? Which “trib”? 🙂

    • Rebekah

      February 21, 2015 at 5:41 pm

      I am of the “God’s going to work it out somehow, and I may or may not be involved at the time, so it’s up to Him” stance.

      What’s some of your favorite music to write to? I find I have different selections of music for different stories.

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