If I was asked to sum up my autumn in one word, that word would be “travel.” I might also throw in “exciting,” “exhausting,” and “Nebraska could at least have different colors of cows.” Writing had to take a bit of a back seat.

After various family members visited during October, I helped my good friend Kendra pack up her stuff and move back to Colorado in preparation for her new adventures. And by “helped” I mean I sat around talking while she packed, and then helplessly rode shotgun in her manual-transmission car while lobbying for expensive lunch breaks. And yes, we had lots of fun. We took a circuitous route to see various friends and family members, and we got to stop at the Missouri Botanical Garden!

There was a whole lot less in bloom in late October than there was when Taylor and I visited in August, and it was a lot more chilly, but we survived. We also discovered two sections of the garden I’d missed before. A large Japanese section, and a smaller one that we think was Turkish, possibly Ottoman. . . . But there was this fabulous enormous chair, and we took turns trying to fill it up with personality. (No small feat on a cold day!)  I think I won.


After a short visit in Colorado (kittens, jellybeans, getting weirded out by a “Men’s Study Bible” as contrasted to the “Woman’s Study Bible,” and lots of tasty coffee and raspberry tea) I headed back home for a whopping three days then turned right around and went to visit a friend in Orlando, Florida. And yes, theme parks were involved. My sister Sarah and I got two days in Universal, and a whirlwind afternoon tour of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. (Thanks, Amanda! )

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In the midst of all that I got into a knock-down drag-out battle of wills with the next Surfaeillance book Mirror Knife. As you may have noticed, it hasn’t yet been released from time-out. Hopefully that will happen in the next couple weeks. I am ready for it to grow up and have a glorious life on its own!

I’ve also been doing some semblance of NaNoWriMo as a way to keep in “writing shape” and play with some new ideas. I don’t think this project will be published—at least, not in its current form—but it’s been fun to explore the world setting and the crazy family of characters. I just passed 30k, so I am now weighing how hard to push to finish when I’m not planning to release this project and have had an idea for a legit book that is ready to be written. Choices, choices.

Either way, just know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth (yet), and am working away on various projects. There will be more goodies to talk about soon. In the meantime, have a splendid Thanksgiving.