Ring out, wild bells! Surfaeillance Book 2 The Mirror Knife is finally released and on its way to readers. To celebrate the occasion, I put together some fun things to tell you about the story. Here are some teasers you won’t see in the official descriptions.


First off, the pixie is back (sassy as ever) and has a major crush on Burgundy’s current client. Myron is doing his best to level up into official agent status—apparently it’s harder to get Burgundy to keep appointments and training sessions than he expected—and appears to be keeping secrets. Burgundy herself is dealing with some major backstory issues. And her car, I’m afraid to say, is not long for this world.

With the more “noir crime flick” feel of the story, I decided to keep it set on earth and save a trip to Fae for a different installment. I did, however, bring in a few new types of faery creatures as members of a crime ring. If you want to find out why it’s a bad idea to lock a banshee in your car trunk or mess with a half-spider faery, grab a copy and see for yourself. (Alternatively, you can sign up for my mailing list and get it for free!)

The story itself is a little longer than it’s prequel A Twist of FaeGood news for all you readers who wanted a bigger dose of Surfaeillance! It’s still within the novella bracket, though, to make for a fun afternoon or two of reading. And, if you want to marathon both books and haven’t read A Twist of Fae yet, you can find it either on Amazon OR nab it for free over on NoiseTrade.

And, speaking of free, in honor of the release occasion I slashed the price of A Sea of Purple Ink‘s Kindle format to nothing for the next couple days, just because I can.

So, go grab A Twist of Fae, The Mirror Knife, and the totally separate but just as amazing novel A Sea of Purple Ink, or any combination thereof. Read them, enjoy them, leave reviews on Amazon or GoodReads if you want, and have a very Merry Christmas.