Despite my blog silence, I’ve actually been getting quite a bit done this month. It’s just all been mixed up with relatives visiting, a friend packing up to move away, and my annual bout of panicking author. So instead of an in-depth series reviewing the month, here’s a quick look at September’s shenanigans with a few poignant moments to spice things up. (It is Fall, after all, and the spice trend is all over the place.)

First off, the fun stuff. I started the rough draft for Surfaeillance 3. The third episode is going to have a bit of an aquatic theme, so what better place to start it than while I was on vacation at Mexico Beach? I even pulled an almost 6k word day in the car on the ride home. As of right now I can tell you that there will be psychotic mermaids, new agents, a hydrokinetic wild card, and a seriously disturbed villain.

But, you might ask, what about Surfaeillance 2? Well, The Mirror Knife is getting its final edits and formatting changes this week, and I started negotiations on the cover design yesterday. And “negotiations” is the definitely the right word. Every time I tackle a cover I feel like I’m in the middle of a hostage transfer with Creativity. Yesterday that meant being willing to stand in a moldy shower stall (toes in cold water) and press my hand against the glass for a series of reference/idea bouncing photos.

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