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Behind the Scenes and Sales

Ring out, wild bells! Surfaeillance Book 2 The Mirror Knife is finally released and on its way to readers. To celebrate the occasion, I put together some fun things to tell you about the story. Here are some teasers you won’t see in the official descriptions.


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Summer Sale!

August is nearly over and, if you’re heading to the beach like me, you might be looking for something fun to read while you’re there. (Or something fun for while the kids go back to school. Or when you’re supposed to be at school. . . . just don’t tell the teachers I said that!)

For the next five days, my alternative fantasy novel A Sea of Purple Ink is on sale! You can get the ebook for free from Amazon, or, if you like to hold the actual book and admire the cover, I’ve finagled to get you a coupon that will take $5 off the cost of the book when you buy it through CreateSpace. (Amazon itself won’t let me put the book on sale. But we have ways!) Simply go to the listing on CreateSpace and enter the coupon code U28D57SA. 

Both the sale and the coupon code expire August 26th, so grab it while it’s hot!

A New Release

It finally happened! A Sea of Purple Ink releases today. Yes, today. I am so happy. The journey has been tough, but joy comes in the morning, and here is the gorgeous brilliance of my story all grown up and paperbound.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00002]You can order it on Amazon either as a printed paperback, or in Kindle e-book format.

The upside with buying a paperback version is that you get the e-book for free! It always bothered me that music and movies automatically gave you a digital copy while books didn’t, so when I discovered Amazon offered Matchbook options, I hit the “yes” button with a resounding huzzah. Plus, the paperback has a gorgeous cover.

I’m also running a giveaway promotion for this book over on GoodReads until the end of June. You can access it here, and enter to win one of three copies by simply clicking the “enter the giveaway” button.

So, read it, review it, tell me what you think. I’ll be answering questions about the book here on my blog, or on GoodReads, or via Twitter from now until the end of the month, so bring out your comments and thoughts! And yes, if you want you can ask me about my other stories or random off-the-wall things that might only make sense to you. It’s all good.

Cover Reveal: A Sea of Purple Ink

And now, at long last, here is the cover for my latest novel. (Scheduled for publication in paperback and ebook late this Spring.)

ASOPI partialsize

“Reese Davis has been on the run for years. Her crimes include being born with a supernaturally quick mind, and doing everything within her power to protect the other outlaws from the paranoid king.

Every day is a fight to survive as Reese leads her small gang in a calculated game against the secret police, who are obsessed with finding and arresting anyone with special abilities. Her mission is to locate others with abilities, sneak them out from under the police’s noses, and spirit them away to safety. But dodging the police is difficult work even for a mastermind, and when a rescue turns into disaster, Reese stumbles upon evidence of a frightening conspiracy and learns that the king is no longer her worst enemy. In fact, he doesn’t seem to remember who he is.

Faced with what could be an elaborate trap, or worse, Reese must help the man who made her an outlaw survive the havoc he created, or risk the creation of an even more ruthless regime.”

Cover art created by Isabel Westling.

To receive advance notice of A Sea of Purple Ink’s final release date, sign up here.

Photos and Focus

I can hardly believe we’re only fourteen days into the new year. A lot has happened over the last couple weeks.

My binge reading continues, thanks to a massive pile of books I accumulated in the excitement of “a new year, a new reading list.” So far I’ve read nine books and only dropped one or two. You can keep up with the books I did finish reading on my GoodReads “in 2015” list. At the moment it’s an interesting mix of children’s books, adult political fantasy, and popular stories I never got around to reading until now. Trust me, the list will be updated often.

Tuesday afternoon I took a trip to the local park and posed for a bunch of new author photos. The sky was clouded over, and the rain never got past the chilly mist phase, so the photographer (one of my talented sisters) managed to get some pretty cool shots. Highlights from the trip include the absence of snakes, getting to talk about The Winter Soldier, watching a random highschool student appear out of nowhere and sprint through the park with their trendy pink backpack, and trying not to laugh while the photographer balanced on a wall top in an effort to capture an over-both-our-heads shot. Photographers are an amazingly brave bunch of people.

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