It finally happened! A Sea of Purple Ink releases today. Yes, today. I am so happy. The journey has been tough, but joy comes in the morning, and here is the gorgeous brilliance of my story all grown up and paperbound.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000031_00002]You can order it on Amazon either as a printed paperback, or in Kindle e-book format.

The upside with buying a paperback version is that you get the e-book for free! It always bothered me that music and movies automatically gave you a digital copy while books didn’t, so when I discovered Amazon offered Matchbook options, I hit the “yes” button with a resounding huzzah. Plus, the paperback has a gorgeous cover.

I’m also running a giveaway promotion for this book over on GoodReads until the end of June. You can access it here, and enter to win one of three copies by simply clicking the “enter the giveaway” button.

So, read it, review it, tell me what you think. I’ll be answering questions about the book here on my blog, or on GoodReads, or via Twitter from now until the end of the month, so bring out your comments and thoughts! And yes, if you want you can ask me about my other stories or random off-the-wall things that might only make sense to you. It’s all good.